Our Commitment to you

Beatz Dance Studio cares about the health and safety of our dancers and their families. You are our number one

We miss all of our dancers and families and hope you are all well during this crazy time!!

Please visit the Beatz Dance Studio Facebook Page for a video on our procedures and policies for this summer to keep all of our dancers and families safe


Our commitment to you

What to know....

  • All 2019-2020 recital based classes that ended the week of June 12 will resume the week of August 17th IN THE STUDIO.  We will review, re-work and polish the choreography that the dancers worked so hard on all year in preperation for a September recital.  (Awaiting confirmation on an outdoor location for Saturday, September 26th)
  • SUMMER DANCE:  We are thrilled to re-open the studio on June 29, 2020. Many of our summer sessions have filled; however a few classes still have space.  For more information, please go to the Summer Dance tab on this website

Social Media Updates:

  • Please continue to watch our Facebook Page and Instagram; as we communicate everything through those sources. Facebook is Beatz Dance Studio (look for our logo; as there are other studios in LA and abroad with the same name) and Instagram is @Beatz_Dancestudio.  We have set up a Beatz Parents Facebook page - please be sure you have requested access so that you are kept in the loop on everything.

Sanitation and Guidelines:

It is essential that you feel confident and comfortable knowing that you and/or your child is safe while visiting our studio.  Maintaining a safe environment is our number one concern.  We all understand that threat of virus is still present and we must be smarter and careful to protect not only our dancers but all of those we come in contact with as we move forward.

Here is a list of the cleaning equipment that will be utilized at the studio:

    • Medical Grade Filtration H13 True HEPA Air Purifier.  This will allow us to continuously purify the air in the studio
    • Intelligent ULV Fogger /Sprayer/Atomizer.  We will be using a Nova Disinfectant Germicidal Detergent to spray every surface of the studio each night.  
    • Touch Free Hand Sanitizing Units.  Students will be asked to use sanitizer when they enter the studio and after break times.
    • Wipes at the entrance.  Should a parent have to enter the studio, we will have wipes available at the door to use on the handle.
    • Designated dance space.  It is VERY difficult for children to understand that they can see their friends, but must stay a safe distance.  We will spend time talking with the dancers to reinforce what you are discussing at home.  We will have designated dance space for each dancer
    • No Parent Waiting Room.  For the time being, we have re-purposed the parent waiting room for additional space for the dancers.  In order to minimize the number of people inside the building, we will meet all dancers at the back door of the building before sessions begin and return them to that area for parent pick up.  

Adult Classes:

We will offer the following adult classes in studio.  We are in communication with the Town of Grafton to gain permission to run outdoor classes on the common.  Once we have more information, we will pass that along.  More information on our Adult Classes can be found on the Non-Recital Class Tab on this website.

Adult Zumba - Monday nights at 6:15pm

Adult Tap Fit - Thursday nights at 7:00pm (No tap experience necessary)


We are in this together - we LOVE our families and will support however we can.  

Lots of Love,

Miss Cindy, Miss Alycia, Miss Lynsey, Miss Haley

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At Beatz, we build upon our dance curriculum and design options for children ages 4-12 that are engaging, interactive and high energy.  

We believe kids need to be kids and summer is about fun, frieds and memories.

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Beatz Dance Studio welcomes you with a wide range of classes for children and adults. We are pleased to offer both non-recital sessions for children 14mths through age 7 and recital based classes in all genres for children ages 3 and above. In addition, we offer Adult Classes in  Ballet Fitness, Contemporary, Hip Hop and Zumba.  Beatz is also pleased to provide dance education in either a Private, Semi-private or inclusive classes for children and adults with special learning or physical needs.

With over 25 years of dance experience and 12 years of teaching dance and choreography, our team will share our passion and love for dance with you and/or your children. Our 2 Studios are centrally located in Grafton center to welcome you.

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