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Meet our Team

Cindy Libbey

Owner, Choreographer, Teacher

As owner and business manager, Cindy will share over 20 years as a leader in business and experience in the dance community. Cindy's love for dance began while exposing her daughters at a young age. As they developed their skills, Cindy was able to assist at the studio in many ways. She has experience in teaching Acrobatics and will teach Creative Movement Classes. As Business Manager, she will be able to share her creativity and knowledge of day to day operations to assist families in all areas.


Alycia Beatrice, dance instructor and co- owner of Beatz Dance Studio, started her dance training at the age of two at Dance Works Academy. During her early years of training she attended many dance competitions and conventions with Dance Olympus and The Pulse.

She studied Dance Education and Dance Therapy at Columbia College Chicago. After college, Alycia worked in Walt Disney World, attending many performance classes and workshops.

Alycia has been a full-time Special Needs teacher n a life skills program. She is very excited to bring her teaching knowledge and dance training together and share her love of dance with her students. 

leesh and binz.JPG

Lynsey has been dancing since age 3 where she studied at Dance Works Academy (Upton, MA) in many styles ranging from Ballet and Tap to Musical Theater and Acrobatics. Lynsey has attended multiple conferences and workshops such as Pulse, Dance Olympus and ACDA. She also qualified to compete at the UDA Nationals Competition with her Keene State College Dance Team at Disney World in 2015. Lynsey graduated from Keene State in 2015 with a BA in French and a minor in Dance. Since graduation, Lynsey has been living in NH and teaching at Bogovoich School of Dance in Marlborough, NH. There she taught an array of classes from Ballet and Tap to Broadway Jazz and Acrobatics. Lynsey is beyond excited to be co-owner and teacher at Beatz Dance Studio and share her passion for dance!!

Ly​nsey Beatr​ice

Owner, Choreographer, Teacher

Alycia Beatrice

Owner, Choreographer, Teacher

Jamie Delicker

Dance Instructor

Jamie grew up in Mendon and danced at a local studio for a number of years before she began at DWA where she was lucky enough to not only dance and perform with Nathan and Lynsey but to also learn from Alycia, perform her inspiring choreography on stage with Cindy in the audience always supporting and cheering us on at every performance. The encouragement from her teachers and classmates, pride in the hard work she put in and the limitless opportunity for growth as a dancer and as a person has always been empowering to Jamie and she aims to help all dancers feel the same way. As a dance teacher Jamie brings positivity and uplifting energy to her classes to create an environment in which dancers are met with genuine excitement and applause for every new challenge taken on, every achievement big or small and every hurdle along the way. In her first years of teaching, Jamie has experience teaching hip hop, lyrical, modern and jazz as well as choreographing hip hop and lyrical routines for competition teams. Jamie is eager and determined to pass on all she has learned so far to her new students, encourage them to be expressive in their own ways to give every dancer their best experience in the studio! 

Nathan Bentley

Choreographer, Teacher

"Nathan Bentley is a young dancer and choreographer who will enter into his ninth year of teaching dance this season. He grew up in Upton, MA, where he took dance classes at Dance Works Academy beginning at 4 years old. While there, Nathan primarily studied hip hop, but also trained in tap, modern, contemporary, lyrical, and musical theater. His love for dance grew with him as he started branching out into taking more classes at workshops and conventions, where he has had opportunities to learn from some of his biggest inspirations; choreographers such as Ian Eastwood, Brian Puspos, and Dave Scott. He credits a lot of his passion and early career's success to Alycia and Lynsey Beatrice, who took him under their wing at DWA when he was younger and helped him explore his art at a deeper level. Today, Nathan teaches his own brand of Urban dance, as well as the fundamentals and technique of hip hop and related funk/ street styles at studios around Massachusetts, with his choreography receiving high scores and numerous judge admirations at dance competitions across New England. He loves to focus all of his energy on his students, making sure that they have fun with dance, while also encouraging them to always work harder and grow into better and stronger dancers, as well as people! Nathan is incredibly happy and excited to join the Beatz dance family!"

Michelle Hayes

Choreographer, Teacher

Michelle Hayes has been teaching dance for the last six years. Michelle grew up in central MA and started dancing at a young age, studied at Paula Meola Dance Studio in High School. She continued studying at Keene State College, graduating with a BA in Theatre and Dance with a concentration in Performance and Choreography. Michelle has taught ballet, jazz, lyrical, and creative movement. She spent 2014-2019, teaching and dancing in Washington, DC. During her time there, she was a company member of professional dance companies UpRooted Dance, Next Reflex Dance Collective, a guest artist for Jody Oberfelder, darlingdance, ClancyWorks. She met Lyndsey Beatrice while at Keene State College and is excited to be joining the Beatz Dance Studio family. Michelle brings a calm and patient presence to her classes and encourages dancers to find their own voice through the techniques and explorations of movement."

Keegan Arcure

Choreographer, Teacher

Keegan Headshot.HEIC

Keegan grew up in Spencer and studied at two local studios, Sharon Girouards' The Dance Centre and Dance Techniques. Keegan was both a team member and choreographer for the Worcester State University Dance Team. As an adult, Keegan has studied at Faucher School of Dance in Auburn, Center Stage Dance Studio in Rochdale and now Beatz Dance Studio where she began taking adult hip hop and jazz classes in 2021.  Keegan is committed to welcoming our youngest hearts into an inclusive, body positive, gender neutral space that cultivates a healthy early relationship with movement and music. As a busy and often overwhelmed mama, Keegan understands how hard it is to get your kids out the door and into the car, let alone a class! Her Storybook and Movement and Ballet classes are a non-judgmental space where we can all take a deep breath, share a laugh and remember our own love of music and movement. Outside of Beatz, Keegan is a licensed therapist supporting children, adolescents, adults and families. At Keegan's own home you will find a large assortment of rescue animals, where those over age 15 run the entire show.

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