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Family & Teen Fitness Classes

We are excited to introduce Family & Teen fitness classes to this year's schedule. The following classes can be purchased by either:

-Drop In, $15/cl​ass per person

-Family Membership, $100/mth

- 10-Class Punch Card, $100

Activate-Family ​

2022-2023 Season: 9/12-5/29, Monday, 5:45-6:30pm

Family Zumba

2022-2023 Season: 9/8-6/1, Thursday 5:45-6:30pm

Dancers' Way to Wellness- Teens

2022-2023 Season: 9/8-6/1, Thursday 6:30-7:15pm

Please see the Children's non recital class tab for additional classes included in the family membership

To begin a family/adult membership or purchase a class card, click here.  Once you have created your portal information, simply choose enroll and enter the first 3 letters of your desired selection.  Please also enroll in your desired class (i.e. Zumba)